Modern slavery is common in all parts of the world

aa11 modern slavery

Last year 25m people around the world were in some type of involuntary servitude according to the The Economist.  “Around a sixth of the people experiencing such mistreatment today are forced to work by the state, primarily in prisons or the army (including conscripts made to do non-military tasks).”

1111 slavery


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Martindale-Hubbell 2017 client appreciation award to James R. Stout, Attorney

FINAL Martindale Hubbell

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Cartels send message to Netflix: stop the Narcos series or more Netflix employees will die

Narcos has exposed the Cartels and they are not happy about it.

A Netflix Narcos series employee, Muñoz, was shot to death Monday in a rural area of a violent region in the center of the Mexico, while looking for locations for the filming of the Narcos series, which will be filmed on location in Mexico during its fourth season.  They found his bullet-riddled body in a compact car.

Muñoz was a seasoned veteran filmmaker who was employed to find filming locations for the fourth season of Narcos, one of the most violent television programs to hit screens in years.   It appears the tragic murder may have been an incident of real-life imitating the Narcos series.


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Mexicans are an unhappy lot

u-s-image-in-mexico-hits-a-low-point According to Pew Mexicans don’t like the U.S. and don’t like their own country.  The 2017 sudden rise of the drug cartels caused by the capture of drug kingpin Chapo created a killing spree as new cartels establish their position within the drug business.

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Marriage is very unfashionable

Marriage continues its decade long decline.  According to Pew “half of U.S. adults today are married, a share that has remained relatively stable in recent years but is down 9 percentage points over the past quarter century and dramatically different from the peak of 72% in 1960, according to newly released census data.”

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The U.S. Asian population grew faster than Hispanics over the past 10 years.


Pew published a study showing that “the U.S. Asian population grew 72% between 2000 and 2015 (from 11.9 million to 20.4 million), the fastest growth rate of any major racial by comparison, the population of the second-fastest growing group, Hispanics, increased 60% during the same period.”

Asians are rich, “The median annual household income of households headed by Asian Americans is $73,060, compared with $53,600 among all U.S. households.” according to Pew.

More than half of Asians living in the U.S. have a college degree.

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Narcos on Netflix- the cartels continue

aa Cali Cartel

NARCOS, on its third season, begins after Pablo Escobar, the former Colombian drug kingpin is killed. Premiering on September 1st, this new 10-episode installment of the hit Netflix show is television at its finest and it’s liberated by Escobar’s death. The cartel that replaces Escobar is named Caballeros de Cali (Cali) and creates “Cocaine Inc.”

The Cali Cartel is more sophisticated than Escobar’s Medellín mob, laundering their dollars rather than burying them in oil drums, and more discreet, dumping victims’ bodies in rivers wrapped in chicken-wire, so that their bloating corpses would be sliced into morsels for the fish.

Narcos handily indicates that the story here isn’t about any one character, or even any one plot. It’s about the overall battle against illegal drugs, and the darkness that resulted on both sides.

With Escobar gone, DEA agent Javier Peña focuses on the Cali Cartel led by Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela. Gilberto, and the three other bosses, made a deal with the Colombian government to turn themselves in after six months and face little-to-no punishment. It’s an idea that’s both brilliant in its simplicity and foolish in the sense that nothing will ever go this perfectly in a criminal world populated with thieves and murderers. The clock now ticks for both the Cartel and the DEA. The Cali heads need to make sure they make as much money as they can, in one last burst of bad business, while not doing anything that would cause those in charge to second-guess their deal. For the DEA, and Peña, a choice must be made regarding if it’s even worth it to go after guys who are so protected.

Cali’s violence is highlighted by one bleak and disturbing scene portraying an openly gay Cali boss who sensually dances with his lover in the middle of the dance floor.  He is completely accepted.  Ten minutes later he is on his motorcycle dragging one of his victims to death.

Drug-war films tend to end when the kingpin is finally killed or locked up, leaving the police to celebrate a job well done. The reality is nothing like that: despite the demise of Escobar and thousands like him, the drugs business has ground bloodily on. “Narcos” makes this devastatingly clear- a depressing verdict on the failed efforts to stop illegal drugs.

Interestingly, since this article was published, one of the Cartels shot to death a Narcos employee seemingly warning Netflix to back off.

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Stout Law Firm Google Reviews

1a Linked In Ad

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What Are the Best Employee Perks? 4 Questions to Ask First


Based on a Gallup poll research, today’s workers want to be able to work off-site full time (35%) or even part time (37%), though few employers offer that option. In addition, employees would also prefer financial benefits, such as profit-sharing (40%), pensions (51%) and monetary bonuses (54%), and say they would be willing to change jobs to receive these benefits.

Gallup states that most employees do not leave a job for benefits and perks alone — pay, management and career growth remain the top reasons for leaving a job — but a competitor’s benefits are more attractive when employees are less engaged at work.

Unfortunately, 70% of American employees are looking for a new job.

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Only 30% of Americans like their boss

Angry Boss

According to Gallup, many people in the world hate their job and especially their boss. What the whole world wants is a good job, and we are failing to deliver it — particularly to millennials. This means human development is failing, too. Most millennials are coming to work with great enthusiasm, but the old management practices — forms, gaps and annual reviews — grinds the life out of them.

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