NV Supreme Court Holds First Swearing-In of Foreclosure Mediation Mediators

Was2503561The Nevada Supreme Court will hold swearing-in ceremonies for the first appointed Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program mediators at the Supreme Court courtrooms in Las Vegas and Carson City. The ceremonies will be held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 2:30 p.m. Regional Justice Center in the 17th Floor Supreme Court courtroom and in Carson City on Monday, Sept. 21 at 1:30 p.m. in the Supreme Court courtroom.

On August 19, 2009, the Supreme Court appointed 97 mediators following training in Las Vegas and Reno in early August: Addison, Matthew
Agosti, Deborah
Angaran, Jack
Apple, Robert
Atwood, Adrienne
Baker, James
Belcove-Shalin, Janet
Berry, Bob
Bloom, Janette
Blumenfeld, Stewart
Broussard, Carolyn
Buchanan, Bill
Buyer, Dennis
Candace, Carlyon
Cashill, Pat
Chase, Kelly
Christensen, Thomas
Chubb, Janet
Clouser, Justin
Cohen, Larry
Conboy, Anita
Crabb, Yangcha P
Crowley, Margaret
David, Ira
Drobkin, Ileana
Eisenberg, David
Ellsworth, Keen
England, Kathleen
Enzenberger, Robert F
Estes, Robert
Fischer, David R
Gang, Leonard
Garcia-Mendoza, Eva
Gaston, Robert
Gould, Dean
Greiner, Jill
Griffin, Michael
Gugino, Salvatore
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Paul
Hammer, Bill
Hardy, Del
Hoppe, Craig
Huston, David
Jimmerson, James
Kaufman, Jerry
King, Patrick
Kirst, Paul
Klein, Mark
Kunin, Israel “Ishi”
Lamboley, Paul
Loveland, Bryce C
Mancino, Renee
Martin, Patrick
McDade, Carlos
McKnight, Pat
Meador, Shawn
Mikrut, Denise
Miley, Edward
Moas, Royi
Monks, Robert
Moody, Todd L
Neu, Michael C
Newberry, Tara
Nitz, Dana
Nork, Bill
Olsen, Phil
Pagni, Albert
Parnell, Rick
Paustian, Kathleen
Pergament, Ira
Reed, Nathaniel
Richitt, Paul
Richwine, Jerry
Roitman, Howard
Saint-Aubin, Robert F.
Schofield, Paul
Scotti, Richard
Segel, M Nelson
Shipman, Maddy
Shirinian, Ara
Singer, Michael
Stephens, David
Stoebling, Dave
Stromberg, Leah
Sullivan, Mike
Tanksley, Thomas J
Terry, Jack
Trautmann, Susan G
Trost, Janet
Turner, Bill
Wasick, David
Weaver, Robert
Weise, Cathy
Welsh, Darren
Winking, Larry
Worrel, Carolyn
The mediators are already being assigned the first cases. The first mediation currently is scheduled for Sept. 10.

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James Stout has practiced law in Orange County since 1995 and is highly regarded by the business community. He has passed three bar exams, California, Arizona and Nevada.
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