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Second Quarter of 2010 Shows Modest Increase in House Prices

August 31, 2010: Data through June 2010, released today by Standard & Poor’s for its S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, show that the U.S. National Home Price Index rose 4.4% in the second quarter of 2010, after having fallen 2.8% in … Continue reading

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Shadow Shadow Inventory Growing Larger

ITS SPOOKY OUT THERE August 26, 2010: There’s “shadow inventory” which are bank owned homes that are just sitting there empty, for now. The bank slowly puts those homes back on the market all the while trying not to flood … Continue reading

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I Just Got Sued For A Deficiency Judgment, Now What?

DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT LAWSUITS ARE SPEEDING UP August 24, 2010: Lenders are ramping up their efforts to sue former homeowners for deficiency judgments. Lenders are suing homeowners sometimes after foreclosure and sometimes after short sales, on either the first mortgage or … Continue reading

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Time for house prices to start falling again

August 24, 2010: The big economic news of the day, and probably the week, was the big drop in existing-home sales in July reported this morning by the National Association of Realtors sates the Washington Post. This was to a … Continue reading

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The Costs of Homeownership Drive First-time Buyers Away

The costs of owning a home can substantially outweigh the benefits because of issues such minimal home equity retention and an owners desire to “flip” a home on the market quickly, researchers Wenli Li and Fang Yang said in their … Continue reading

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HAMP borrowers are still up to their eyeballs in debt after the modification. AUGUST 20, 2010: According to Calculated Risk, About 422 thousand modifications are now “permanent” – up from 389 thousand last month – and 617 thousand trial modifications … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Short Sales Get Tougher: Permanent or Temporary?

A comparison with previous recoveries is unflattering. AUGUST 15, 2010: Arguably, short sales have become harder to complete over the past six weeks. Lenders who were (at least occasionally) granting waivers of deficiency judgments, have decided not to do so. … Continue reading

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Further Signs The Vegas Economy is Weakening

NEVADA’S UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS SHAPED LIKE A SNAKE LIFTING ITS HEAD AUGUST 19, 2010: The unemployment rate in the Las Vegas area in July rose to 14.8 percent, the 19th consecutive month of double-digit joblessness. The number of people employed … Continue reading

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Affect on Your Credit

August 19, 2010: Both a Foreclosure and Short Sale are going to hurt you in many ways, but there is a significant benefit to Short Sales over Foreclosures. I will discuss specifically the effect on your credit a short sale … Continue reading

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The trouble with sin as comparative advantage

IS SPENDING LESS ON GAMBLING PERMANENT? Nevada, is essentially a desert with some interesting metals in the ground (hence its name, the “Silver State”). So mining, as in California during the Gold Rush, provided the initial draw for people to … Continue reading

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