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I am speaking at a Landlord Tenant Seminar on March 30, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It satisfies continuing education requirements for most professions. Tenant’s Rights/Landlord’s Obligations A. Governed by state and federal law. B. Right to enforce lease agreement. … Continue reading

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The middle of the beginning of the economic recovery

THERE are tantalising signs of good news in the world economy. In America firms are hiring more and consumers are spending more. The euro zone’s recession is proving milder than expected. Greece’s debt restructuring, the first sovereign default in a … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Beginning of the Economic Recovery

THE SHAPE OF A SMILE-CHART OF EMPLOYMENT FOR RECESSIONS IT HAS been no easy road getting here, and the path ahead looks rocky, but a real recovery seems to be developing for America’s long-suffering workers. This morning, the Bureau of … Continue reading

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Negative Equity Slow to Go Away

$715 billion is a lot of money. That’s the estimated amount of “underwaterness” hobbling the housing sector in the fourth quarter. A mortgage is considered underwater when the amount of the loan is larger than the value of the underlying … Continue reading

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The housing market is definitely getting better

THE reanimation of America’s housing market has been a long time coming. Residential building last contributed positively to growth in 2005. Housing-construction employment has dropped 43% since then. Government efforts to resuscitate the market have flopped. Yet tantalising signs of … Continue reading

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