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Orange County Family Court Directions

Orange County Family Court Directions Orange County Family Court Directions Orange County Family Court Map Close Up Orange County Family Court Directions Large

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Map of the World

Map of the World

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Adam Silver threatens sanctions against Mark Cuban for holding unpopular views

HERE WE GO AGAIN “Mark Cuban’s comments were unacceptable in light of what the NBA is going through right now”, states Adam Silver, “and the League is reviewing those comments to determine if their are racial undertones, and will likely … Continue reading

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When Grandparents divorce- New York Times Reaches All Time Low

No wonder the NYT is cleaning house. In a NYT piece by KATIE CROUCH The Grandchildren of Divorce she discusses the impact on her parents divorce- she is in her 40s at the time of their divorce. Somehow, she advances … Continue reading

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Sherri Shepherd is in the custody battle of her lifetime

According to reports on the separation and divorce documents filed by both parties, Shepherd’s husband has filed for primary custody of the fetus currently being carried for the former couple by a surrogate mother. And it has not gone unnoticed … Continue reading

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How could Irvine's Great Park get screwed up so bad?

Stout Law Firm A SIGN OF DAYS GONE BYNo one is surprised that the Great Park failed. The typical OC resident’s response to the Great Park’s failure is “I told you they wouldn’t be able to do it.” It was … Continue reading

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California Senate Bill 458 CA SB 458 Forgives All Debt After a Short Sale

Stout Law Firm July 18, 2011: A new California law will further protect homeowners pursuing short sales by barring first and second lien holders from going after sellers for money owed after the short sales close. Gov. Jerry Brown signed … Continue reading

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情緒和行為的管理稱為自我管理,每個人重要是就是認識自己,我們才會有能力掌控自己,譬如知道自己脾氣不好,生氣時,就可以自我提示:不要生 氣喔,生氣可能會犯錯。人非聖賢,只要能管好自己的情緒,至少比較不容易生病,也可以活得久一點。人的生命是有限期的,哪怕活得再好,也有結束的時候,因 此生命要活得有品質,也得先從管理自我做起。同樣一件事物,倘若我們只看到壊得一面,這些壞的事物就會既傷害別人,也傷害自己。如果你用平靜的心,甚至敢恩的心,看待同樣一件事物時,可能都變成是快樂的!甚至撞了車,你都會覺得我多麼幸運啊!車子都壞了,可是我卻毫髮無傷!當 我們看穿事情真正的本質之後,情緒也就自然產生新的狀態,対事物的正反兩面都加以洞悉。例如看到孩子玩電腦,就不會無緣無故生氣,因為我們看到了有利的一 面,知道電腦対孩子的好處等等,只要提醒孩子不要玩太久,再給予正確的引導,一個可能造成親子間親情破壞的傷害,也就消弭於無形了。所以當我們理解事物的 本質後,就會產生一種新的情緒,能夠做出正確的判斷。

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