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Do the Police need a warrant to search your cell phone?

THE framers of America’s constitution knew nothing about mobile phones, but they knew a thing or two about unreasonable searches. In Riley v California, the Supreme Court considered “whether the police may, without a warrant, search digital information on a cell phone seized … Continue reading

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Chevron company is the largest in California

A state economy is nothing without the businesses that call it home. But those businesses are not created equally—bigger businesses naturally have outsized influence, generating more revenue, paying more taxes and employing more people according to the Washington Post. The … Continue reading

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Step kids can be declared as tax dependents even after divorce

The tax court ruled that divorcing your spouse does not stop you from claiming your stepchildren as dependents on your taxes according to the case of TONY RAY DUNCAN, Petitioner v.COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent The dependency exemption for the … Continue reading

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Study: More Couples Delaying Divorce Until Kids Old Enough To Remember Every Painful Detail

CHICAGO—In a new study published this week in The American Journal Of Sociology, researchers reported that parents throughout the United States are increasingly opting to delay divorce until their children are old enough to remember each and every traumatizing detail. “What … Continue reading

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時下美國現實社會離婚率年年增加的形況下,離婚已經成了家常便飯之事。單親家庭愈來愈多誏許多單親父親,沒法工作與孩子兩邊平衡之下壓力增 加,生活失去信心與快樂。但是相対的孩子們在雙親擁有撫養權力之下也很容易適應新的生活。凱莉與丈夫結婚20年生活美滿,一男一女兩個孩子聰明懂事。丈夫 是電腦高階級工程師凱莉是小學老師,週末一家四口出外旅遊家庭幸福美滿另人羨慕。2 年前丈夫湯姆開始加班工作增加經常很晚才回家,妻子慢慢發現形況不対且懷疑丈夫有外遇。倆人開始経常吵架鬧得不愉快,終於有一晚凱莉發現丈夫和男人親蜜之 照片在丈夫電腦中,於是她請求湯姆解釋清楚。凱莉大吃一驚猶如被電撃中自己腦袋似的,幾乎久久無法開口說話。原來丈夫是同性戀在外與一男人談戀愛許久,凱 莉無法接受此事實與打撃,尋求心理治療很長一段日子失去自我與破碎心情,每日哭泣沒法工作。丈夫從小喜歡男裝女扮玩洋娃娃,經常喜愛女孩東西至長大成年, 早已經知道自己性向異常且喜歡男孩子。這個心理密秘連父母皆隱瞞沒法開口告之真象。直到大學期間遇到凱莉,在凱莉百般追求之下最後倆人結婚生子。丈夫在婚 姻期間経常隱瞞自己心中大密秘沒有信心走出同性戀性格的蔭隠。一埸外遇誏妻子大吃一驚自己丈夫是同性戀男人,最後倆人離婚。下篇再敍

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The not so great recession still stinging for most of the world

Lower income households either lost more during the crisis or benefited less from the recovery. Across the world, real household disposable income stagnated. Meanwhile, the income of the bottom 10% of the population declined from 2007 to 2011 by 1.6% … Continue reading

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Penelope Leach’s new book Family Breakdown is horrible Pre-school children whose parents are separated should not be allowed to spend the night with their fathers, said a top parenting expert.Psychologist Penelope Leach, whose books have sold millions, accused couples who … Continue reading

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Judges with daughters tend to rule in favor of women's rights

It turns out that judges with daughters are more likely to vote in favor of women’s rights than ones with only sons. The effect, a new study found, is most pronounced among male judges appointed by Republican presidents, like Chief … Continue reading

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You can take my life but not my confidence

You can take my life but not my confidence

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Generation X: America’s neglected ‘middle child’

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