Ensenada murder rate is less than Las Vegas but more than Los Angeles

Ensenada is way safer than Rosarito.

Crime Comparison

JUST HOW BAD IS CRIME IN ENSENADA? No American tourists were killed in Ensenada last year and none so far this year.  The chart above shows their are far fewer murdered in Ensenada than in New Orleans. But recently, things have spiked for the worse.

In Ensenada, thirty-six people were killed in the first quarter of 2017.  If that trend continues for the rest of this year, 120 people will be homicide victims in 2017.  Compare that to 68 total killed in Ensenada in 2016.  What is going on?

Difficult to say but there is speculation that it is exclusively the responsibility of the drug cartels.  Half of those murdered (18) include victims formerly living in San Quitin, a small, village two hours south of Ensenada.  San Quntin is part of Ensenada terriorty and murder rates are bundled together with the city of Ensenada.  San Qunitin is ran by Mexco’s cartels.

Other types of crime such as rape (violacione), are flat as shown in the graph below:

Ensenada Rape

The murder rate in Rosarito, a beach town 20 miles south of Tijuana, is quite high. Rosarito, due to its closer proximity to the Mexican border is more infiltrated with drug dealers who are presently fighting over drug dealing turf.

Allegidly, Ensenada is one of the few areas where the Mexican federal government “cut a deal” with the drug cartels keeping them out of certain travel destinations.  Also included in that deal is Cabo San Lucas and Cancun.  The Mexican government gave those three travel destinations federal money to protect their travel industry.  Ensenada is very safe, just as long as you stay in the tourist zones.

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