South Orange County caregiver networking is booming

The care giving business for older adults is huge in South Orange County.  Like the Dot Com Boom, a new caregiver business or related business starts up every minute.  Those jumping on the bandwagon include: in home care franchises, placement consultants for assisted living facilities, mobile dentists that go to your home, Alzheimer’s managers to help patients deal with memory loss, elder law attorneys to write trust and wills, the author of this piece an elder abuse attorney, in home care case managers, paid public speakers about dementia, reverse mortgage professionals, Medicare/Cal experts, and real estate brokers that guide seniors when moving. To name a few.

Money pours into the older adult care giving field, and attracts thousands of entrepreneurs.  Some will make millions, some will earn a living, and some will move on to other options.  Social media and face to face networking dominate marketing. Attend a delicious free breakfast or lunch networking meeting, learn from the speaker, shake hands (or hug), exchange business cards, crack a joke, transmit the “elevator description” of your profession “I help people ____”, congratulate the raffle winner. Drive back to your office.

Log on and Facebook and Linkein the name of the person on the business card. Set up a java meeting for those you think you could do business with. Establish a relationship, ASK FOR REFERRALS.

Photograph the speaker at one of the seminars and post it on Facebook.  Check back every 10 minutes to see if it was liked, shared or commented upon.  Like, share and comment upon several Facebook posts.  Go to Linkedin and do the same, but be more business like with your input- use the latest business buzz words. Invite friends.

Do your job.  Go to someones’s house, lift them from their bed, remove their clothing, bathe them, dress them, smile when they growl, wash the soiled bed. Be nice to the 50 year old child watching TV in the next room who is cleverly isolating the older adult from the outside world so he can get his inheritance that he is entitled to. Stay positive.


About Stout Law Firm

James Stout has practiced law in Orange County since 1995 and is highly regarded by the business community. He has passed three bar exams, California, Arizona and Nevada.
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