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What Are the Best Employee Perks? 4 Questions to Ask First

Based on a Gallup poll research, today’s workers want to be able to work off-site full time (35%) or even part time (37%), though few employers offer that option. In addition, employees would also prefer financial benefits, such as profit-sharing (40%), pensions … Continue reading

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Only 30% of Americans like their boss

According to Gallup, many people in the world hate their job and especially their boss. What the whole world wants is a good job, and we are failing to deliver it — particularly to millennials. This means human development is failing, … Continue reading

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Doctors that went to low tier medical schools prescribe more opiates

The The Economist reported that Doctors that attended lower ranked medical schools prescribe more opiates.  They concluded that better training of doctors would reduce opiate abuse. The Economist states, “Health authorities are desperate for solutions to the country’s growing opioid scourge. Every … Continue reading

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Half of Americans regret one of three education choices — their degree, field of study, or the university they attended

According to a Pew Study approximately half of all U.S. adults who pursued or completed a postsecondary degree would change at least one aspect of their education experience if they could do it all over again, including their major or field … Continue reading

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The evil spirit jumped from me and into my ex wife! said the man to me while we sat side by side drinking beer at a Mexican bar in Ensenada, Baja California. You see, the man said, I love chicas … Continue reading

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Most Americans believe private high schools are better than public

Gallup published an article that states, “As another school year begins, Americans believe private schools provide students with the best K-12 education of five different types of schools in the U.S. The 71% who rate the quality of private school education … Continue reading

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Jim Stout’s Blog

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Taking the ABC bus from Tecate to Ensenada

  Getting to Ensenada Baja California is a pain. Getting back home to California is a nightmare. Crossing the border takes forever. Crossing at San Ysidro entails idling in your car for 5 hours. Walking across entails standing in line … Continue reading

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Many people trust online media and come to regret it

Trust has not been having a good run in recent years, and there is considerable concern that people’s uses of the internet are a major contributor to the problem. Many experts say lack of trust will not be a barrier … Continue reading

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What if borders were open?

Yes, it would be disruptive. But the potential gains are so vast that objectors could be bribed to let it happen A HUNDRED-DOLLAR BILL is lying on the ground. An economist walks past it. A friend asks the economist: “Didn’t … Continue reading

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