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The Flat Earthers are growing in America

Internet searches for “FLAT EARTH” have more than doubled over the past two years according to Google Trends. IT IS a stunt worthy of Evel Knievel. This week, if all goes to plan, “Mad” Mike Hughes, a Californian, will launch … Continue reading

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James Stout Attorney Reviews

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Can the police track your cell phone without a warrant?

The U.S. Supreme Court confronts the digital age again on Wednesday when it hears oral arguments in a case that promises to have major repercussions for law enforcement and personal privacy.  Here is the Appellant Brief At issue is whether police … Continue reading

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Millennials face largest wealth gap in generations

A 2017 analysis by Credit Suisse suggests that millennials in several advanced economies are likely going to face the worst income inequality of any generation in recent memory.  Millennials are generally saddled with more student debt, less inherited money, and stricter mortgages than … Continue reading

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James Stout Attorney Irvine

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Big wave surfers head to Portugal

“It was here that Andrew Cotton, a professional big-wave surfer from Devon, made headlines in 2014 by almost riding out of the biggest wave ever surfed. On November 8th Mr Cotton broke his back attempting a similar feat. Fear of … Continue reading

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How old should a woman have to be to legally marry with her parents’ consent?

Gallup posed this question to Americans in one of its earliest polls, in 1937. At the time, 53% thought “girls” should be 18 years old to legally marry with parental agreement. The rest had opposing views: 25% said girls should have to … Continue reading

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Worker fired for flipping the bird at Trump has case against her boss for First Amendment violation

Flipping the bird is protected by the First Amendment and is Free Speech. A marketing analyst for a company that oversees government contractors says she was fired for flipping the bird at a Trump motorcade. News coverage of Juli Briskman’s … Continue reading

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James R. Stout, Attorney at Law

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2017 Martindale-Hubbell Award James R. Stout Attorney at Law

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