Lockdown Created Recessions Could Cause More Deaths than the Virus Itself


Lockdown Created Recessions Could Cause More Deaths than the Virus Itself

There is little doubt that California along with the rest of the nation is in a recession because of government lockdowns. Although those measures are believed to be effective at limiting person-to-person contact and thus slowing transmission of the disease, they are disastrous for local economies. Mandatory closures of most businesses are causing mass layoffs, business failures and supply shortages.

Unemployment is a leading cause of depression, anxiety, alcoholism and suicide.

New filings for unemployment benefits rose 30 percent last week amid cutbacks and shutdowns over the coronavirus crisis. People who are unemployed are twice as likely to commit suicide.

Millions of Americans will lose access to health care because they will lose their jobs.

Hospital admissions could soar if Americans avoid getting routine and preventive treatment because of long wait times and rising drug costs. Infant mortality could rise as recently laid off pregnant women cannot afford prenatal care. Prescriptions for antidepressants will skyrocket. Preventive medical visits will drop as people delay medical care and end up in emergency rooms.

Severe supply shortages keep some people from buying the goods they need.

The lockdowns are causing supply chain disruptions for about three-quarters of U.S. companies. The Port of Los Angeles reported a nearly 23 percent drop in cargo volumes in February.

Supply shortages naturally drive up prices, which the government counters with mandatory “price ceilingswhich naturally assure that shortages continue. People have no choice but to purchase the products they need from illegal black market dealers selling on E bay and Facebook.

Millions could suffer from undernutrition, malnutrition and chronic hunger. Under the worst case scenario, food shortages lead to famine resulting in large scale (millions of people) starvation, which we might see in third-world countries.

A lockdown should be as least restrictive as possible with regular and frequent pull backs.

The government should routinely lift the lockdowns and if needed reinstate them. We recommend no more than a 14 day lockdown without it being lifted at least temporarily. The inevitable deaths from lockdown created recessions must be considered along with the need to reduce COVID-19 infections.

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