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Strategic Default was a term coined during the 2008 Great Recession describing homeowners who stopped paying their mortgages but continued to occupy their house or collect rents from their investment properties. They could live in the house or collect rent … Continue reading

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HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE CHEATING IN RECORD NUMBERS August 6, 2020. WHILE no formal statistics exist, my estimate is that more than 75% of high school students cheat during online exams. Cheating during an online exam is easy, effective and … Continue reading

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Stir-crazed youth will demand all that is pent up caused by the lockdown. Although Coachella was postponed from April to October, it and other festivals and large gatherings probably won’t go off until next year. Sleeping in porta potties and molly … Continue reading

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What a long strange trip it’s been. JUST 12 YEARS AGO, I reported “in the Spring of 2008, Las Vegas homeowners stopped paying their mortgage, and filed predatory lending lawsuits against their lenders alleging mortgage fraud including RESPA and TILA … Continue reading

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TEENAGE WASTELAND Generation Z suffers from mental illness

Most of the research so far about generation Z suggests that youngsters today are less hedonistic, better behaved and more lonely than ever before. A recent report by Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, reinforces that finding and sheds more light on … Continue reading

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A Rockstars’ Guide to Management

If rock groups are businesses, businesses are getting more like rock bands. Workplaces are far more informal than they used to be, with less emphasis on protocol, rank and authority. Many firms try to cultivate the creativity that can come … Continue reading

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One in four kids say they use cannabis

Marijuana is most popular among 18- to 29-year-olds — about one in four (24%) adults in this age group report regularly or occasionally using it.  More people use cannabis than tobacco.   The following illustrates people who use tobacco or cannabis: … Continue reading

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Few Americans are Vegetarian or Vegan

5% of Americans are vegetarians, unchanged from 2012 3% are vegans, little changed from 2% in 2012

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Millennials face largest wealth gap in generations

A 2017 analysis by Credit Suisse suggests that millennials in several advanced economies are likely going to face the worst income inequality of any generation in recent memory.  Millennials are generally saddled with more student debt, less inherited money, and stricter mortgages than … Continue reading

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Americans in best Christmas shopping mood in years.

According to Pew Americans plan to spend $906 on gifts, the most since 2007 Middle- and lower-income households fueling the rise Record-low percentage plan to spend less than last year More specifically, 34% of Americans plan to spend at least $1,000 … Continue reading

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