America is at the Beginning of the End of the Covid Crises

The end is here

The Virus heads to the exit, and America experiences an economic boom.

With hopes of quick containment dashed, most all communities imposed increasingly severe measures over the past couple weeks — shutting borders, closing school for tens of millions of children and ordering tens of thousands of businesses to close their doors — to try to face down the disease.

Lockdowns, social distancing or old fashioned good luck kept America safe from the widespread outbreak unlike the one in parts of Europe. America is beyond many of the 14 day rolling community lockdowns, and not even New York or California will be infected like China. As of March 23 the number of deaths in America is a low 504. That’s far less than the number of 130 Americans who commit suicide every day; the unemployed are twice as likely to kill themselves.

There is little use in preventing people who work alone from working.

But like China, America must start lifting the quarantine restrictions and let young people get back to work. Starting today Americans under age 65 must be allowed to resume their jobs. Students and those over 65 could remain on lockdown for now. Restaurants and bars could open with 6 foot distances between patrons. Food servers and bartenders could wear masks and gloves (if they can find them). Anyone that works alone in an office, a desk or a cubicle, and can maintain physical distance of six feet from each other, should be allowed to return to work.

As work restrictions are lifted, the stock and bond market will emerge ahead of the other economic sectors. Fiscal stimulus measures will add to the boom. The panic sweeping the country will dissipate. Supply chains will function at capacity bringing supply shortages to a welcome end. America can have a great 2020 but it must act now.

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Mr. President- It’s Time to Put Young Workers Back to Work

Time to Go Back To Work

The President Must IMMEDIATELY Begin Lifting Work Restrictions

The costs of the the lockdowns are now exceeding the benefits. I warned you the COVID-19 recession could kill more people than the Virus itself. Supply shortages and mass unemployment drastically increase death rates.

The unemployed are twice as likely to commit suicide.

America already has achieved the point where the marginal benefit of an additional social distancing unit is equal to the marginal cost of an economic recession. In other words: each additional day of lockdown costs more than the risk of a person getting infected.  

To demonstrate this economic theory, let’s assume that for each additional day of lockdown 100 fewer people contract the Virus. But each additional day of lockdown causes 1,000 people to lose their jobs. Of those 1,000 people who lost their jobs, 20 will die solely because they lost their job. But only 2 people will die of the Virus. Those assumptions are obviously unproven and as such, inaccurate because there is no time to conduct a statistical analysis.  We don’t know exactly how many people will live because of the lockdown, and we don’t know how many people will die because of unemployment. So it is impossible to know when we reach the “tipping point’.  

But there exists one good reason to lift the work restrictions. The mortality rate for the Virus is in the area of 2%-6% with the lion’s share of fatalities occurring to those 65 and older. The vast majority of working Americans are younger than 65. Thus, putting people back to work will impact those who are less likely to die because of the Virus.  It’s time for trial and error.

The President should coordinate with the Governors to begin slowly lifting the work restrictions. Those over 65 shall remain in isolation.  If infection rates begin to increase the restrictions can be reinstated. It’s time for bold action.

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Lockdown Created Recessions Could Cause More Deaths than the Virus Itself


Lockdown Created Recessions Could Cause More Deaths than the Virus Itself

There is little doubt that California along with the rest of the nation is in a recession because of government lockdowns. Although those measures are believed to be effective at limiting person-to-person contact and thus slowing transmission of the disease, they are disastrous for local economies. Mandatory closures of most businesses are causing mass layoffs, business failures and supply shortages.

Unemployment is a leading cause of depression, anxiety, alcoholism and suicide.

New filings for unemployment benefits rose 30 percent last week amid cutbacks and shutdowns over the coronavirus crisis. People who are unemployed are twice as likely to commit suicide.

Millions of Americans will lose access to health care because they will lose their jobs.

Hospital admissions could soar if Americans avoid getting routine and preventive treatment because of long wait times and rising drug costs. Infant mortality could rise as recently laid off pregnant women cannot afford prenatal care. Prescriptions for antidepressants will skyrocket. Preventive medical visits will drop as people delay medical care and end up in emergency rooms.

Severe supply shortages keep some people from buying the goods they need.

The lockdowns are causing supply chain disruptions for about three-quarters of U.S. companies. The Port of Los Angeles reported a nearly 23 percent drop in cargo volumes in February.

Supply shortages naturally drive up prices, which the government counters with mandatory “price ceilingswhich naturally assure that shortages continue. People have no choice but to purchase the products they need from illegal black market dealers selling on E bay and Facebook.

Millions could suffer from undernutrition, malnutrition and chronic hunger. Under the worst case scenario, food shortages lead to famine resulting in large scale (millions of people) starvation, which we might see in third-world countries.

A lockdown should be as least restrictive as possible with regular and frequent pull backs.

The government should routinely lift the lockdowns and if needed reinstate them. We recommend no more than a 14 day lockdown without it being lifted at least temporarily. The inevitable deaths from lockdown created recessions must be considered along with the need to reduce COVID-19 infections.

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OMG I saw this on Craigs List! Now Hireing: Patients who recovered from COVID-19 with Viral Immunity, to Enter Contaminated Buildings w/o Protective Gear (min. wg.).

statute of liberty

Just Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidding

[Hey buddy too soon]

Western Bio-Services, Inc. has several positions open for patients who recovered from COVID-19.  We will provide you with a free test to determine if you are immune to getting the Virus twice.  If you are protected, you will be paid minimum wage to enter contaminated buildings and rooms and conduct covert operations, such as disinfecting the area, managing cleaning operations, removing deceased patients and other management type work.

[Who is the author of this junk?]

The foregoin was fiction fake and phony but not fraud.





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Those who were infected and recovered are invincible, they laugh at that Virus as it is now powerless over them.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have now the same nauseous feeling that plagued me when the real estate market busted in 2008. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, the epicenter of the crises, and many of us went bust also. I am not in Vegas anymore, but now feel for that great city again, because it tends to experience the highest highs and lowest lows. Back than, I figured the Great Recession would last like all recessions, about a year with the stock market returning within six months, but I was wrong, dead wrong. (I chronicled the bursting bubble as it affected Las Vegas on this blog and those articles can be accessed in the archives section.

Now I am more cautious; but predict Covid-19 will pass far sooner and with much less long-term pain. The lion’s share of Americans will start un-sheltering within a couple of weeks.

How soon will this plague pass? People will start feeling better within 30 days. After the initial shock subsides, they will have adjusted emotionally. Within 60 days people will develop a tolerance to the hysteria and slowly begin to function normally while still maintaining extreme hygiene vigilance.

By June 2020 most people will have returned to work and school, and resumed their normal social activities. There will be fall-out of course. Some businesses and individuals will not have weathered the financial crises part of the Pandemic, and will file bankruptcy. Some businesses will never recover and some will disappear. Some people will have died. Some will continue to get sick. Some will have scarred lungs.

By September 2020 the worst of everything will be behind us. There will be fewer Covid-19 infections each passing day. There will be no more shortages of food and toilet paper. Bars and Restaurants will be open full force. Governments will withdraw their states of emergency. Any make-shift emergency hospitals will begin shutting down as the number of cases can easily be cared for by pre-Covid-19 health care providers.

By the end of 2020 the stock market will be hitting new highs. People will be happy again. Optimisim will replace fear. The unemployment rate will be falling as more people find new jobs or return to their old ones. This crises will end soon.

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We Preppers Told You So

My spaghetti with beef and sauce MRE box is out sitting on my office room floor and has about 8 self-heating Italian themed meals left- one a day and done. My 6 gallon jug of potable water now a year and one half old, is not quite past its expiration.Prepper

Vibram Boots and military backpacks- all Berry Compliant; zippers lubricated with candle wax. Self Defense aka Offensive Street Fighting- as long as your are training 2 times a week you are good. Period.  Baofeng Two Way Radios tested and working but not in actual operation. Batteries are charging. Passport ready.

Finally after decades of preparation I feel safer now that the Pandemic is here. No more second guessing my motive as it really was for just this day.

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The President should mandate every person living in the US test for COVID-19.



One main reason the US is not implementing clear COVID-19 policies is because it is not known how many Americans currently have the disease, nor who has the disease. The extent of the disease is not known.

The CDC provides test kits through the FDA for public health labatories to perform testing in respiratory specimens. Scientists in Asia use a test that detects antibodies in the blood. Since all types of test kits are currently in short supply in the US, they are rationed. Health care providers are permitted to test only those patients who fit a certain criteria, such as hospitalized patients, older symptomatic individuals, and those with a known higher risk of exposure.

The President is unable or unwilling to publicize when and how many kits will be available, however, he claims obtaining more kits is a top priority. The CDC needs to take immediate action to ensure that manufacturers are making as many test kits as humanly possible, and there must be at least one kit available for every American.

As more kits become available, public and private testing sites must be erected so that every American can get tested. Drive through testing, similar to those used in Taiwan would prevent health care personnel exposure. The testing must be free and mandated by law.  Those who refuse to test themselves or their minor children, as soon as the kits become available, would be subject to criminal prosecution.

The results of the tests would determine the appropriate individual patient response, such as quarantine, and supportive medical care. In addition, the results are critical for epidemiologist to better formulate effective policy decisions such as travel restrictions, quarantines, curfews, school closures and event cancellations.

As of 12 March 2020, more than 133,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide. There is thought to be a substantial under-reporting of cases, particularly of cases with milder symptoms. Mandatory testing protocols would eliminate that uncertainty.

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Why elder law is a growing, ‘anything-can-happen practice’

As an elder law attorney, Kerry Peck frequently files cases involving older adults who are victims of financial abuse.

In one of those cases, a retired professional whose wife had recently died found himself sitting next to a woman who was at least 20 years younger at church. Within weeks, she took him to his accountant and stockbroker to try to access his money and moved into his home.

Peck requested an exam by a physician, who determined the man was cognitively impaired and filed for an emergency guardianship to freeze his assets.

People are getting more sophisticated in the way they exploit older adults,” says Peck, the managing partner of Chicago law firm Peck Ritchey. “I call these cases ‘sex for signature’ cases. That’s all this is, and it’s an epidemic.”

Financial exploitation is just one component of elder law. It’s a growing area of practice that includes not only advance medical directives, estate planning, guardianship, probate and will contests, but also real estate, tax, employment, special needs, discrimination, domestic violence and Medicaid issues.

The number of clients in need of these services is also skyrocketing, due in large part to the aging of baby boomers, the generation born from 1946 to 1964. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are currently about 73 million baby boomers.

The oldest members of the group turn 74 this year, and by 2030, all of them will be at least 65.

The Administration for Community Living’s latest report on older Americans also shows that the population of people who are 65 and older increased from 37.8 million in 2007 to 50.9 million in 2017. It estimates that total will reach 94.7 million in 2060.

Unlike most practices, elder law really focuses on the age of the people who we serve rather than the particular subject areas,” says Shirley Berger Whitenack, a partner at Schenck, Price, Smith & King in Florham Park, New Jersey, and a past president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Whitenack, who started her practice in 1985, adds that unique issues facing baby boomers also make elder law different today. One of those issues arises from people of that generation living in a different financial reality than that of their parents, most of whom received pensions and Social Security retirement benefits.

Many baby boomers will receive fewer benefits, she says, which could lead to problems with financing their long-term care at home, in assisted living facilities or in nursing homes. If they are not veterans or do not have long-term care insurance, they may have to rely on Medicaid once they run out of money.

Medicaid planning is a minefield, and it’s fraught with all kinds of traps for the unwary,” Whitenack says. “It really does call for counseling by good elder law attorneys.”

Karen Buck is the executive director of SeniorLAW Center, a legal aid organization in Philadelphia that focuses on protecting the rights of the elderly. Many of her clients are living on $500 to $1,000 a month and face various challenges with mobility, transportation, language access, mental health and disability.

If you are facing any of those and you are on a fixed income, life is that much harder,” Buck says. “If you are about to lose your home, or someone scams you, or some other major legal issue has happened to you, it really can devastate your life.

That can be true of any low-income person, but especially of a lower-income elder person.”

In addition to common challenges, Buck has seen a significant increase in clients raising their grandchildren, an issue she says is exacerbated by the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania. They often need help navigating complex family law matters, as well as related housing and health care issues.

Camilla McRory, an elder law attorney with her own firm in Rockville, Maryland, agrees that “virtually every elder law case is like a bar exam question.”

In a recent matter, she helped an elderly woman order a medical evaluation of her husband to determine whether he should be moved into a skilled nursing facility. He had been diagnosed with Pick’s disease, a type of age-related dementia that affects the frontal lobes of the brain, and became violent.

Once that was decided, McRory had to help the woman convince her husband to move as well as assist her in selling their house and purchasing a condo with less upkeep.

While elder law has always been an “anything-can-happen practice,” McRory says the recent developments she has seen are with attorneys. They have grown more skilled, not only in the different practice areas that impact elderly clients, but also in their medical issues.

People think they are talking to a medical person sometimes because we have to learn so much of this stuff just to be able to serve our clients,” she says. “It’s important to convey how interdisciplinary and holistic this is.”

Peck adds that attorneys who don’t practice elder law also need to understand cognitive impairment and how it can affect their clients and their matters.

You need to know your ethical obligations to determine if someone is mentally competent,” he says. “These issues are not limited exclusively to people who do estate planning or elder law, because people get old and people get sick.”


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